Morné van Deventer
“The Year of Excellence”
Excellence means to excel in your existence. We all exist for a specific purpose or reason and therefore we all have a part to play in life. But we also need to excel in the things we do and in the way we do them by continually striving to do them better. Yesterday’s successes or failures should not become stumbling blocks, but rather stepping stones toward a successful future. The heartbeat of excellence in our company is quality, safety and care. May you have a wonderful year.
The Lemon Connection

The Lemon Connection is a great success, with the counter currently at:
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Between June and August we offer discounted rates on all our quotations. Don’t miss this opportunity.
This beautiful farm community has a great love for their church building and halls and we are proud to have painted this buildings for them. Once again we used excellent quality products from Plascon for this project.
Philidelphia Church
Somerset West Methodist Church
We repainted the church and halls with Dulux paint. The walls were coated with Dulux Dura 100, a pure acrylic paint that has excellent washable and scrub-abele properties.
This residential complex was recently re-painted by us. The main colour is called Hazelnut and the darker trim colour is Sunny Horizons. The colours are available on the Plascon Inspired colour range.
Shandrani Complex
Toks van der Linde
Former Springbok rugby player Toks van der Linde contracted us to paint his house.
After we finished Toks van der Linde’s house we also painted his next door neighbor’s house, Mr Ben Barber owner of Camp World in Brackenfell.
Ben Barber
Dr Luckhoff
We were contracted by Plascon to re-paint the Luckhoff’s house in Welgemoed after they had some problems with their previous paint contractor, as well as a problem with paint that was supplied. After this project was completed we also painted the interior of the Panorama Laser Clinic. This included all the offices, reception, consultation rooms and the operation theaters.
The exterior of this house was recently re-painted by us. Due to the age of this old Victorian style house we had to take great care in what products we used. The walls needed a coating that had more breathing capabilities than the paint we normally use. According to Richard this house was used in the making of the television show “Die Binnelanders”. We have done many painting projects the past 6 years for Richard and would like to thank him for his continual support.
Richard Gush
Caswel (Shorty) Lekhori
Shorty recently retired from our company after 14 years. He has been with us since day 1 and we owe him a lot respect and thanks for helping us built this company to what it is today. Two of his sons are still employed by our company and it is true what they say: “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We wish him all the best with the future.
We repainted this house inside and out with Dulux paint. A textured coating was applied to enhance the natural look.
House Llandudno for WE3 Build
House Knothe
This Stellenbosch farm house was painted with Midas paints. Mr and Mrs Knothe has made use of our services on various occasions and we thank them for their loyal support.
House Britz
This Welgedacht home was painted with Plascon Paints. Detail Interior Design provided us with a colour scheme to match the new furniture and curtains that they supplied. The house was painted inside and outside as well as the roof.
This medical practice was painted by us earlier this year. We repainted the whole outside as well as replaced the old asbestos gutters with new PVC. Dr Brundyn has made use of our services for the past 8 years. Thank you for Dr for your support once again.
Brundyn Practice
The older we get the more we realize that service to others is the only way to stay happy. If we do nothing to benefit others, we will do nothing to benefit ourselves. – Carl Holmes.
Patience, faithfulness and diligence are greatly rewarded.
Girls Rule
Boy or Girl? … GIRLS RULE!
We were blessed with another beautiful little baby girl. Her name is Lana meaning: “light, still calm waters” and she is surely living up to her name.
Congratulations on Winning a Car!!
Our company supervisor won a new car in a lucky draw after a road race in Wellington. Frikkie started running at the beginning of this year to improve his health, especially after he was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes last year. Today 6 months later he is not just blessed with a new car, but also stopped using his medication for diabetes because he is healed. Congratulations Frikkie, you deserve it.
Congratulations on Winning a Car!!
The Lemon Connection
Since the start of our company in 1996 we always gave our clients a gift to thank them for making use of our services. Recently we felt that our valued clients deserve something more. Therefore we decided that from now on all our clients will receive a 1m Lemon tree for them to plant or to give to someone else as a gift to plant. The reason for this is that although we use products that are environmentally friendly, most of the products are produced from using raw materials found in nature. We also use a lot of fuel in our vehicles that increases the carbon dioxide in the air. Therefore even by painting your property we leave a huge carbon footprint behind. But by planting the trees we can make sure that, even in a small way, we can make a difference by covering our tracks and giving back to nature what we take from it.
This is our contribution to sustainable development. Why a lemon tree? All
trees transfers carbon dioxide into oxygen and a lemon tree is such a
beautiful, fast growing tree that can even grow in a pot. It will
also give you lots of fruit for many years. Think of it as a
gift that keeps on giving. But most of all it will remind
you of the connection that we have with nature and
the responsibility we have to take care of it as it
takes care of us. So we invite you to join
The Lemon Connection.

NO, they don’t work for us!
But this can happen to you. Rather let the professionals do the painting work to ensure peace of mind.
MAXIMA – inspire, equip and empower
We recently had a seminar on excellent customer service, trained by Kobus Theron, Executive Life Coach of Maxima. We have made use of there services on various occasions and all we can say is: "Life changing". We believe in investing in our staff's well being and highly recommend other companies to so as well.
Maxima training
Homenet repainted

The offices for Homenet - Tygerberg in Durban road Bellville were recently repainted by us. Plascon Specified Pure Acrylic Low Sheen for the walls (Main colour: White and Insert colour: Sterling)

This Edgemead home was painted with Plascon Paints. The roof was painted with Nuroof (colour: Charcoal).  The external walls were painted with Aquarista which is a high build paint that waterproofs exterior walls (colour: Worn wood).  All internal walls were painted with a Pure Acrylic paint that provides a low sheen finish that is washable and scrub able (colour: Dried leave).

House Swanepoel

The older we get the more we realize that service to others is the only way to stay happy. If we do nothing to benefit others, we will do nothing to benefit ourselves. – Carl Holmes

Boy or Girl?
Yolanda is pregnant with our second child.  The gender is still a secret - even to us!  See next news letter in August.
KFM 94.5 radio station's new studios were painted by us. We were in Nick Marais' studio before he was.